Services for Entry-level Job Seekers

The Employment Connection for Entry-Level Job Seekers

Find your first job . . . or move up to a better one!

Want to get ready for work while still in school?

If you are someone with a developmental disability who is still in school and wants to get ready to start work, The Employment Connection can help! We can help with . . .

  • Assessments/evaluation – Through government sponsorship, we can help you find what you like to do, and what you’re good at, and match those skills to the needs of local employers.
  • Learning about options – What kind of jobs are others with similar backgrounds interested in, or already working at? What do you need to do to be ready for work? Our Job Readiness Groups, Independent Living Skills Seminars and Different Employment Options can help you find the answers.
  • Learning about employers – Meet with employers, visit job sites, learn what kind of jobs they are looking to fill, and possibly qualify for a job try-out.
  • Volunteer opportunities – Many first-time job seekers start out by volunteering to help their community and gain experience working with others, following directions and keeping a schedule.

To get started, click here to go to our Register page, or call 1-631-232-0976.

Want to find an entry-level job – or a better job?

The Employment Connection can help you with the following services . . .

  • Practicing for employer interviews – we will even videotape mock interviews to help you strengthen your interview skills
  • Preparing a resume, writing a cover letter, and creating a job seeker profile, possibly with an optional video clip, for The Employment Connection website
  • Filling out job applications on paper, on the Internet, or an a computer at the employer’s business
  • Identifying options for transportation to work and/or travel training using buses/trains/accessible transportation
  • How to dress for different employment environments
  • How to work with others, such as co-workers and supervisors
  • Understanding earned income and government benefits, including health insurance
  • Training to learn computer skills needed for the job
  • Training, if qualified, for obtaining National Certification in Customer Service
  • Opportunities for e-learning curriculum training in job search skills and keeping a job
  • Securing sponsorship and arranging for job coaching on the job site to help you start and keep your job – both short-term and longer through our Supported Employment government-funded services

To get started, click here to go to our Register page, or call 1-631-232-0976.