Hiring Solutions

The Employment Connection Hiring Solutions

We’ll help you tap in to new sources for reliable employees

What we do for you . . .

Our professional representatives will work with you at your location to assess your hiring needs. Based on the information you provide, our professional placement team will then refer qualified candidates who meet your requirements.

One of our professionals can job coach your new hire right at your job site to ensure he or she is competent at all aspects of the job –at no cost to you.

Wide range of options to meet your hiring needs

The Employment Connection can provide you with . . .

Clerical/computer workers

All types including: filing, scanning, mailroom and mail distribution; medical records; reception; data entry; customer service, satisfaction surveys, reservations and more.


Assembling, packaging, sealing, quality control and more.


Cashiers, food service, retail, inventory, housekeeping, maintenance, child care, adult care, automotive workers and more.


We also can refer candidates with acquired disabilities who have significant professional or semi-professional backgrounds – such as bookkeepers, teachers, teacher assistants, computer professionals, healthcare, legal, help desk reps and more.

Our workers are motivated to succeed

Research shows workers with disabilities make excellent, dedicated employees. They are extremely motivated to show up on time and put full effort and focus into their work. Workers with disabilities apply fresh ideas and varied approaches to confronting challenges and achieving success.


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