Our Team

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A professional staff trained to meet your needs

The Employment Connection has a dedicated, professional staff who are experts in helping people with disabilities to meet their career goals.

Nationally certified professionals

Our team includes rehabilitation counselors, employment specialists and job coaches with college degrees and national certifications in their profession. Our job coaches are cross-trained at the various job sites we support, so you can access consultation when needed.

Our staff also receives ongoing training in areas such as government regulations, business opportunities and Internet skills for job searching, including social media.

Comprehensive job matching

Our comprehensive job matching process helps ensure that the job opportunities we suggest for you meet an employer’s needs.

Job readiness training

We have also developed our own extensive in-house pre-employment training services in areas such as work readiness skills, basic computer skills, customer service skills and certification, safety at work and in the community, how to dress for different employment environments, and getting along with others.

Low worker turnover

As a result of our professional staff and successful services, The Employment Connection has a much lower turnover of workers we place than many other agencies providing similar services in the region. We have provided job supports for some individuals for over 15 years; many received promotions or were offered better paying jobs once they gained work experience.

Remember: our success is meeting your career goals!

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