Partnership Plus

The Employment Connection Partnership Plus

Partner with us to ensure compliance for workforce outreach

Companies that contract with the Federal government must comply with U.S. Department of Labor Section 503 regulations regarding workforce outreach to job candidates with disabilities. Partnership Plus offers a cost-effective way for Federal contractors to demonstrate their Section 503 compliance, and for all types of companies to understand and meet applicable labor department regulations.

Job matching with video profiles

Our job-matching pre-interview services can connect you with well qualified candidates with disabilities who have the professional and personal skills to meet your hiring needs. We can provide video profiles of candidates to streamline your interviewing process and demonstrate your outreach for Section 503 compliance and workforce diversity.


Our experienced employment staff can help guide your hiring practices to accommodate individuals with disabilities into your work force, including:

  • Job task analysis
  • Customized employment
  • Job sharing
  • Reasonable accommodations
  • Reaching your compliance and social enterprise goals

Additional services plus priority access

As a member of Partnership Plus, your organization will also receive the following benefits:

  • Your company name/logo will be posted on The Employment Connection website.
  • We can offer etiquette training to your current staff on working/communicating with co-workers with disabilities.
  • We can assist your HR department with locating appropriate accommodations or services for long term personnel.
  • Your company will have priority access to our pool of job seekers for the positions you need filled.

These services are offered for a low annual fee. For more information, please call 1-631-232-0976, ext. 535.